Chicco Fresh Relax Ice Cream Teether Red

Chicco Fresh Relax Ice Cream Teether Red

JOD 6.300

color: Red
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Product Description

Fresh Relax Ice Cream Teether


With your baby everything is so exciting, every day a new surprise …

… and what a thrill when the first teeth start to appear in his smile!
But when is it necessary to talk about real teething? Did you know that there are different needs, which change from month to month? For this reason Chicco has developed a complete line of teether to meet the specific needs of the child in the different stages of teething. From 4 months: SOOTHING! Babies need to soothe their sore gums due to the eruption of their first teeth.

The Fresh Relax teether with ergonomic handles, has been designed to refresh and relieve the gums, it can in fact be stored in the refrigerator to cool the water contained in the cushion and relieve gums that are sore due to tooth growth.