Chicco Manual Breast Pump Set up

Chicco Manual Breast Pump Set up

JOD 54.600

Product Description

Naturalfeeling Manual Breast Pump

The Chicco NaturalFeeling Manual Breast Pump is the ideal solution for new age mothers for long lasting and peaceful breastfeeding.

Tested and approved by mothers, chicco naturalfeeling manual breast pump helps prolong breastfeeding,

ensuring an effective and gentle expression of milk with utmost ease.

Compatible with NaturalFeeling
and Well-Being bottles
This breast pump can be used as
milk storage container or to directly
give your milk to the baby thanks to
the inclined teat that is included.

Complete product
The package contains: 1 Natural
feeling Om+ 1 50 ml bottle 1 airtight
cap 1 Natural feeling angled teat
Om+ 1 base for breast pump 2
Breast Pads sample.

2 Phase Technology – Stimulation
& Expression
Maximum comfort
Thanks to the ergonomic handle
with soft covering ensures simple
use, easy grip and less fatigue.

Maximum delicacy
The soft silicone and special
texture of the pump body ensures a
soft and delicate contact with the
breast skin.

Effectiveness and comfort
approved by mothers and
Mothers and midwives evaluated
successfully effectiveness and
comfort (*Market research 2013
Italy, 110 mothers ** Research
2014, Italy, 97 midwives. Data
available at Artsana S.p.a.).