Chicco Physio Comfort Silicone Pacifier (6-16 m) (Cat – Dog)

Chicco Physio Comfort Silicone Pacifier (6-16 m) (Cat – Dog)


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Product Description

PhysioForma Comfort Silicone Pacifier

(6-16 Months) 2 Pack Maximum comfort for your baby!

PhysioForma Comfort pacifiers: a special series designed to offer maximum comfort. Orthodontic PhysioForma Comfort pacifiers, which support correct oral development, ensure correct positioning of the tongue with its extra ergonomic structure. The hollow and angled shape of the teat evenly distributes the pressure of the tongue and supports the correct development of the palate structure. Its ultra-thin and soft base allows baby’s mouth to close properly. Your minks are now much more cheerful with their innovative cute patterns!
Eksta ergonomik yapı

Extra ergonomic structure

It makes breathing and movement easier by leaving a large area in the nose and chin.

Emzik tabanında geniş alan

Large area at the base of the teat

The large area around the nipple also allows your baby to make natural lip movements while sucking.

Hassas destek

Sensitive support

The pacifier attaches to your baby’s face with 4 small dots for maximum softness.