Lionelo Flower Grey Scandi — Cot 2in1

Lionelo Flower Grey Scandi — Cot 2in1

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Product Description

Cot and playpen in one

Lionelo Flower is a universal combination of travel cot and playpen. A stable structure of the product is supplied with LocGuard system which secures it against self-folding. High protection is provided by well-shaped plastic pads which cover edges of Flower.

The cot has undergone a multi-stage verification and tests in SGS, an independent certifying laboratory. It meets all requirements of the European security standard – EN 716.

Guarantee of safe and comfortable sleep

For a comfortable and healthy sleep of your child, the right mattress is key. It should be of medium firmness and give even support to the whole body. That’s why we present our new innovative mattress – a real breakthrough in the travel crib market! With Lionelo you don’t have to compromise! The mattress is made of flexible foam with a density of T25 (25kg/m³) and a thickness of 2 cm, placed on a base of wooden planks. This provides stable support for the child’s body along its entire length, regardless of the sleeping position. In addition, the material features improved dent strength and resistance to deformation. The excellent properties of polyurethane foam also ensure proper air permeability, and thus excellent thermal insulation, plus it does not retain moisture. From now on, you too can sleep peacefully, whether you use the travel crib occasionally on trips or as your baby’s permanent sleeping place, because your baby is provided with the best conditions for deep, regenerative sleep.

Solutions for babies and older children

Flower has a 2-level mattress which can turn the cot into a playpen. The product is equipped with a zip-up side entrance for older children, and longer sides of the furniture with a built-in breathable mesh. The set is supplied with a changing mat with lifted edges as well as functional pockets and compartments for care items. A group of accessories includes a bow with soft toys.

Łóżeczko turystyczne dwupoziomowe Lionelo Flower Grey Scandi
Łóżeczko turystyczne dwupoziomowe Lionelo Flower Grey Scandi

Comfortable fun

The cot has a high-quality mat which serves as a foundation. It is made of highly flexible foam for increased security when playing. The upholstery of Lionelo Flower is based on pleasant-to-skin and soft fabric which can be easily cleaned.

Łóżeczko turystyczne dwupoziomowe Lionelo Flower Grey Scandi
Łóżeczko turystyczne dwupoziomowe Lionelo Flower Grey Scandi

At home and on trip

Thanks to 2 wheels, Flower cot can be easily transported. A user-friendly frame allows you to fold the product into compact unit, while a handy travel bag performs perfectly if you wish to store or carry the product.


Lionelo Flower