Chicco Physio Comfort Silicone Pacifier (0-6 m) (2 Pcs) Boy (Grey)

Chicco Physio Comfort Silicone Pacifier (0-6 m) (2 Pcs) Boy (Grey)


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color: Grey
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  • Ensures correct space for the chin and nose. With security ring.
  • Multiple ventilation holes, ensuring air circulation, prevent saliva stagnation and let the skin breathe.
  • Gently land on baby’s sensitive skin.
  • It favors the natural positioning of the tongue inside the mouth.
  • Facilitates the closing of the baby’s mouth.
  • It evenly distributes the pressure of the tongue, favoring the correct development of the palate.
  • Silicone is a transparent and hygienic material, without taste and odor and does not deform over time.
  • The only extra velvety soft silicone teat for greater sucking pleasure.
  • Packed in a practical sterilizable case, which can be used to store them when not in use.